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Coderdojo is a global collaboration providing free and open learning to young people, especially in programming technology.
Welcome to Charleston CoderDojo a free meet up to enable kids to learn about programming. The meet up is comprised of mentors, parents and students, the students are encouraged to learn any technology they are interested in, the mentors are there to support and guide the students in their Journey.


All mentors use the “Grandmother method” instead of teaching a curriculum focus on admiring the productive stuff the kids do and achieve. Admiration and acknowledgement are the key to inspiration and create a learning context that is positive.

As mentors encourage kids to ask each other for assistance and to google answers. Encourage the more advanced kids to step up to be mentors as quickly as you can. Mentoring from within ensures your CoderDojo’s sustainability.

Champions and Mentors

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Tom Wilson
President of Jack Russell Software a division of CareKinesis, Inc
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Lead Mentor

Tom Brady
CS Instructor
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Lead Mentor

Calvin Webster
Web Developer at

Learning Resources

Below you will find a few resources that can help jumpstart your learning and path to becoming a CoderDojo Ninja!.

Any Questions or Feedback

We are here to answer any kind of question about the program. Our goal is to create the best free and open learning environment for Children Coders in Charleston. Help us continue to make it great!

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